When we were in preparation of building our new sanctuary Pastor Anderson decided to keep the old sanctuary building and use it as a temporary multipurpose building, a place that would be a resource for various functions to both church and community.

Pastor Anderson thought we should give the building a name and put the challenge before the congregation to come up with an appropriate name.

Sister Ethel Taylor Boyd always thought names were important so she accepted the challenge and now our multipurpose building is appropriately titled the CIA building. She says names were important to God, and they help us identify who we are.

According to Ethel, It was a privilege for her to enter the running. She wanted to give a name that would give the building a new beginning.

“I’ve always had a flare for theatrics, especially anything dealing with bureaucracy such as the CIA, FBI and/or CSI. The name needed to be one that would get a person’s attention at first glance. It needed to be one that expressed the concept of our daily walk as Christians.”

Our CIA building is symbolic of the Statue of Liberty, a beaming light that extends a message of love, faith and hope to all that embraces her doors, whether they are rich or poor, every creed and nationality, corporate and blue collar, saints and sinners would be welcome.

We are called to show our love by our deeds; thus born into our sister’s heart the name CIA “Christians In Action” ever on the move fulfilling the call of our Father in ministry.